Cloud News 2020 / 02

This is the second episode in our Wechsler Consulting Cloud News Channel talking about newest developments in Cloud and Azure IOT.

Please find the resource links from the video below.

Azure Talk
Azure Sphere is now generally available (GA) !
BMW and Microsoft have started Open Manufacturing Platform initiative
App Configuration GA
Azure API Management provides extension for App Services
Azure IOTHub Device Streaming

Azure Eventgrid on IOT Edge
EventGrid support in IOT Edge preview 2
Cloud Events

Computer Vision – Read API

Business solutions quite often need to deal with data in different formats and sometimes you cannot even rely on having the information available digitally.

Do not get caught in an analog trap

One way to solve this problem is to “digitize” required data on demand and this is, when Azure Computer Vision comes in handy. Microsoft just released a new Read API that helps to apply optical character recognition (OCR) on any type of pictures may they be scanned or photographed.

There is a C# sample available that enables you to jump-start your document recognition and processing operations.

Azure Sphere Update 20.01 released

Microsoft has just released a new version of the Azure Sphere OS:
The update includes security improvements as well as changes for servicing devices in field.

You can also find introductory information on Azure Sphere, a very interesting security and connectivity IOT solution, in our latest Wechsler Consulting Cloud News Clip!

Update 26.02.2020:
As announced this Monday in Nuremberg, at the Azure IOT in Action event, Azure Sphere solution is now generally available: as well as on the Security Blog

Cloud News 2020 / 01

This is our new Wechsler Consulting information channel on the most current development, technologies and information around Cloud as well as Digital Transformation topics.

Cloud News 2020 / 01

In this episode, we are focusing on Azure Lighthouse, a new cross-tenant subscription and resource group management tool.

Azure Lighthouse

The second topic is a “secret tip” for IOT developers. Microsoft has created an end-to-end security and connectivity solution that could become a groundbreaking tool to secure devices in the Cloud. Very interesting. Give it a look!

Azure Sphere Docs

Get the Azure Sphere hardware at AVNET

Starter Kit
Guardian Module