Cloud News 2020 / 07

The July release of Wechsler Consulting Cloud News sheds some light on WVD and Security Center, the new FHIR API that helps to save lifes, the Well-Architected Framework for Azure, Hashi Corp Consul Service as SaaS, and OpenIDConnect support in App Services and Functions. Focus topic is Time Series Insights Gen 2.

Please find the links to topics featured in video, below:

WVD and Security Center

IOT Connector for FHIR

Well-architected Framework

HashiCorp Consul Service

OpenID Connect support for App Service and Functions

Focus Topic
Time Series Gen 2


Azure IOT Telemetry Jumpstart

OPC Unified Architecture – Getting Started


July is Azure IOT learning month!

Generally Available: Private Endpoint for Azure SignalR

Generally Available: Private Endpoint for Azure SignalR

SignalR. at least to me is an absolutely underrated technology, when it comes to real-time messaging.
Disclaimer for my embedded readers: yes, at least, if you do not require millisecond response times – but that is seldom the case in standard applications.

Private endpoints for SignalR give developers the possibility to send messages, out of a completely separated Azure VNet, through Azure SignalR (PaaS). These can be notifications, positions, informations or alarms, just as required.

What I really appreciate with this service is is the pub/sub messaging approach, which scales great and reduces dependencies between client and publisher to a minimum.
All coming as PaaS in a serverless fashion! This is definitely worth a look!


July is Azure IOT learning month!

A bunch of really great content is made available by the Azure IOT team to provide the fundamental information required working with Azure IOT. They have declared July to IOT learning month!

This sets you off to a great start and we are strongly encouraging everybody to join this effort!

If you have any more sophisticated questions or you need help with your IOT solution, we at Wechsler Consulting are always ready to help you out!