Azure networking capabilities move into the edge!

When implementing telemetry solutions with mobile systems, network latency can be a quite limiting factor. Communication retries are costly and also hinder a system to provide a real-time view on the current state.
To mitigate this risk you now are able to leverage Azure Edge Zones! Microsoft is teaming up with some Telcos leveraging the new 5G to provide a fast lane into Azure data centers.

Azure Edge Zones – 5G access directly into Azure

This is approach, combining all the newest technologies, is able to provide ultra-low latency in the area of milliseconds response times. Especially looking at older mobile connections this is a performance gain in more than an order of magnitude and a great enabler, if your solution requires to be as close to reality as possible.
It is certainly also interesting to mention that this technology is also available for on-premise solutions, keeping the same APIs and services. Due this your solution can be ready for any network scenario.

Wechsler Consulting joins OPC Foundation

We are very happy to announce that Wechsler Consulting has joined the OPC Foundation as a corporate member.

The OPC Unified Architecture communication standard has been tremendously successful over the last years in the industrial automation space, but has a lot of beneficial functionality to offer for other vertical markets, as well.

Complete and seamless interoperability between devices is definitely the goal, when a company is transforming its business digitally and OPC UA is providing all to be a great asset in this context.
We at Wechsler Consulting are supporting our customer’s efforts with architectural consulting and training. Being a corporate member in the OPC Foundation standards body enables us to be on top of the newest developments and decisions for this very capable and efficient communication standard.
Due to this, we will be able to apply these, as fast as possible, in real world projects.

We have already started working on an “Getting Started” online course to help interested customers to jump start their OPC UA project.
The currently available course preview is free and gives a first glimpse, on what is to expect, laying the groundwork to be successful with OPC Unified Architecture.

Connect mobile devices securely leveraging Azure Sphere

We already have been talking about Azure Sphere in our recent posts and a Cloud News video earlier this year.
Seems like momentum is building up around this very interesting technology, as Swiss company qiio presents the first Azure Sphere guardian module having mobile (up tp 4G), WiFi and Ethernet connectivity options.

This is definitely an important step for the Azure Sphere eco-system, as seamless connectivity is the essential ingredient for any innovative IOT scenario.

For more infos on the device visit:


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