Cloud News 2020 / 06

The June episode of Wechsler Consulting Cloud News is here!
Bringing news and updates on Azure Shared Image Galleries, Visual Studio Web Live Preview, Azure Security and as special focus topic Anomaly Detection.

Here are the links to our Cloud News topics:

Shared Image Gallery (specialized images, scale sets)

Shared Image Gallery – preview (Capture VMs, BYOK, image copy)

Web Live Preview

Azure Security Best Practices

Main topic: anomaly detection

Check out our current Wechsler Consulting Cloud Campus courses and posts, as well!


Azure IOT Telemetry Jumpstart

OPC Unified Architecture – Getting Started


Live Video Analytics

Free Blazor Training with Carl Franklin!

Live Video Analytics

Quite often new and innovative solutions require at least some technical effort. IOT systems e.g. need to be deployed , calibrated, provisioned with network and power, which requires quite some effort.
Depending on the use case Live Video Analytics, a feature of Azure Media Services, might be able to reduce this effort. All you need is a camera and, ideally, an IOT Edge device connected to it. This is especially helpful in dynamic environments, such as delivery entrances, machine ports or storage racks, where a lot of different things are going on simultaneously. In these dynamic environments dedicated sensors are often hard to calibrate and locate.
Video Analytics use AI models to detect motion, things and can even go down to detecting and reading text, such as numbers on license plates, addresses on parcels, etc. .
Microsoft describes some of the interesting possibilities and scenarios quite good in this recent blog post.

Detect workers and cargo in a video stream

What I like is that the AI video analytics models can be run on an edge device. This saves a lot of bandwidth and also keeps your eventually sensible video material on-premise! There are models available for use, but you can also build custom ones and thus create, adapt and fine tune the detection for a use case. Existing video streams also can be used for processing, which, in some cases, enables you to start right away focusing on implementing the IOT Edge solution,
As the analytics models are able to create events to be consumed by an EventHub, they can be used as a publisher of triggers to build business solutions on.
Use Azure Serverless capabilities and you have a sophisticated video analytics system for your use case up and running in days, or even only hours.


Free Blazor Training with Carl Franklin!

Get more efficient and productive creating web apps with Microsoft’s new Blazor technology!
Carl Franklin is a long-time coding veteran on the Microsoft platform and has seen some frameworks come-and-go throughout his career.
Interesting to see that Blazor caught his attention and even more, his excitement!
Carl is a renowned speaker, coach and trainer. Therefore, you should not miss his free “Blazor Train” course series! In this course, he is providing a first hand impression, on how it is to use C# and .NET Core across the complete stack of your solution.

More, than worth a look!

Cloud News 2020 / 05

In episode 5 of Wechsler Consulting Cloud News, we talk about the top news from Microsoft Build 2020 and especially Azure Digital Twins, which have truly made an incredible leap in functionality.

Here are the links to topics mentioned in the video:

Azure Digital Twins

Azure IOT Edge

Windows IOT 10 – Linux Runtime

IOTHub – Private Link

IOT Plug & Play

Azure RTOS – GA

Azure Sphere updates

Sphere and RTOS can work together

IOT Central

New OPC UA – “Getting Started” course released!

The OPC Unified Architecture communication standard is one of the main technical pillars you can build a digital transformation project on.
This has been especially true for the industrial automation market over the last years, but currently OPC UA is making huge in-roads into other verticals, such as retail and logistics, used by companies transforming to be Industry 4.0-ready.

Connect devices using OPC UA and .NET Core!

Its stability, resiliency and security features are hard to match and truly on enterprise level.
Our new Wechsler Consulting interactive online course provides an introduction to the OPC UA standard and pragmatically explains its different building blocks implementing a simple example in .NET Core using the Open Source OPC UA reference stack released by the OPC Foundation.

There is no faster way to get involved with OPC UA!

In addition – we take care of You!
This course includes two 45 minutes calls with the author to answer your questions, discuss ideas and get inspirations for your current or future project.

Microsoft Build 2020 coming up this week!

Microsoft teams have geared up, this time, of course, virtually, to present all the newest stuff from their development repositories. Looking at Azure IOT there is quite some interesting information in the pipe.
Focus, this year, seems to be on Azure Sphere and Digital Twins, although they might come up with some new stuff, as well.

So tune in, I’ll be there. 🙂

Azure Pipelines using in YAML CD now generally available

Enterprise projects require Continous Intgration and Continous Deployment (CI/CD). In Azure DevOps this is possible, of course, but in the past it was a challenge to keep the CI/CD pipeline definition in sync with the code versions, especially across different stages/environments.
Azure pipelines with YAML CD fixes this issue, because the pipeline definition YAML file is part of a repository and now can be versioned together with the app / service / container one intends to deploy.
Any changes to the pipeline can be validated together with the rest of the codebase through the different stages. This provides absolute control and helps to avoid configuration and carry over errors between stages, quite a bit.
A very helpful and long-awaited feature!

Firmware updates via Cloud

It is essential to any solution and here is how to do it, leveraging device management capabilities in Azure IOTHub.
Olivier Bloch, a seasoned pro and developer advocate in the Azure IOT team, has created this very informative course, giving a profound introduction into the process.

Why are firmware updates so important?
Well, in a connected world, they are the delivery mechanism to bring fixes and protective settings down to an IOT device in field.
Running without this capability is like going on a sailing trip in heavy weather, without a life vest.
Basically, not a great idea! 😉

Cloud News 2020 / 04

This is a brand new episode in our Wechsler Consulting Cloud News Channel talking about newest developments in Cloud and Azure IOT.

Please find the resource links from the video below.

Azure Power Platform Update (Azure Serverless)

Develop real-time Cloud apps with SignalR

New Azure IOT Showcases

EventGrid on the Edge

Azure SQL Change Tracking API for Mobile Applications

Featured – Azure Maps