Going “serverless” will change your business!

Every 10 to 15 years a game changing technology comes along, not only to change perspective, but also the way business is done. 
For me, serverless computing is one of these game changers!

Yes, I know, the new technology does not yet fit all use cases and still has to mature, but I would like to argue that now is the right time to get familiar with it. Just because, this will give you a competitive advantage on everybody else, as soon as “serverless” becomes mainstream.

The term “serverless” is somehow misleading, because it does not mean that there are no servers involved to run your code. Of course there are! And plenty!

The big difference is that these servers run in the Cloud datacenters of vendors such as with Microsoft on Azure, who try to create a user experience that does shield as much infrastructure woes from customers as possible. Doing this, we, the customers, are able to focus on creating just the functionality required to handle our business logic.

Writing a business application one has not to worry about:

  • Creating a data center with building, HVAC and IT hardware
  • Power supply
  • Connectivity
  • Storage space
  • Scalability
  • Plumbing code between application layers
  • Physical servers (thus serverless)
  • Train IT personal
  • Technical support
  • Security (well, at least to some extend)

All you need is an internet connection! Nevertheless one should be aware, that this means “always on” for the Internet connection is a must! This is easy to achieve in metropolitan areas, but can be a challenge if you live further out in the country.

Going serverless a Cloud vendor takes the burden of nearly all the problems mentioned above, because it is easier and more efficient for them to do this at large scale. In return, a customers pays the vendor for the services and technologies offered, just as he uses them. In the end, and if prices are fair, this is a classical win-win situation for both.

One additional thing that stands out above all things for developers as well as subject matter experts is flexibility. Going serverless does not mean that one just moves the old classical datacenter into the Cloud and all is set. It does mean that you now are able to tackle a complete new fabric that offloads plumbing code and infrastructure pain from developers to focus on use cases and business rules.
Furthermore, it provides fast and easy access to change and adapt these implementations to the ever changing real life requirements as fast as possible.

Having this, doing real-time business applications is not a dream!!!

In the next weeks and months I am going to discuss and demonstrate different approaches to go serverless on Windows Azure, here on this blog.

I would be very happy, if You are willing to share the fun and join me on this journey!


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